EUROPEAN ARTS auction house

  is a stable proven brand and belongs to the leading position in the domestic market with art and antiques. Europeanarts continues with the long tradition of Meissner-Neumann auction house, which was on the art market since 1997, when became the exclusive auctioneer of art works from the collection of industrialist Henry Waldes, restituted from the National Gallery in Prague. There were sold such works like from the collection of financier Richard Morawetz, Emil Salus and other important private collections. In 2012, it becomes a part of the Europeanarts auction house. Because of its facilities and collaboration with experts from galleries and museums, our auction house is able to professionally expertize and perfectly prepare the works of art, antiques and entire collections to be sold. Several times a year we organize prestigious auctions - which are always interesting events of cultural life - in Obecni dum, Prague. Our auction house is a member of Chamber of auction houses of art works and antiques which brings together major auction houses in the Czech Republic and respects the Chamber rules of ethical principles to ensure our customers as much as possible to offer not only the quality of art works but also their proveniance and authenticity. Europeanarts auction house provides an interesting attractive alternative to the Czech art market and forms a solid foundation for mutual and friendly cooperation based on trust and professionalism.

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  • Albert Trnka

    Albert Trnka, executive director, expert - Fine arts